Teller of Fortunes.

There is something about January-March that makes me want to wear all black all the time. It doesn't really get cold here in LA. Ever. So it must be my subconscious earning for living somewhere with actual seasons. I don't know. I love this little head piece. I got it from this woman at the Melrose Trading Post flea market. She has like a million. I was really drawn to the colors of this one. This little headpiece is so handy on days when my hair is nightmare. I just pop it on and am ready to go. I have been using this burgundy clutch a lot lately. Its seems to be the perfect touch of color to the all black ensembles I have been sporting. Little hints of color keep feeling more chic and less goth. I almost feel like I should be telling people's fortunes in this outfit.

// sweater-bloomingdale's // skirt-pencey // boots-franco sarto // sunglasses-warby parker // shirt-vintage // bag-vintage // 
// necklace-h&m // tiger's eye ring-jan michaels // other jewelry vintage //

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