The Wild One.

I have this grunge side to me that comes out pretty often this time of year. I am a child of the 90s after all. I listened to Nirvana, sported baby tees, watched TGIF, was down with O.P.P., I may have even worn a pair of stirrup leggings. The 90s will always be inside of me, popping out when it can. Hence, I am drawn to flannels like a moth to the flame. They are so comfy. I love pairing them with my leggings and and Sam Edelman Zoe boots(best boots ever, I love and wear them so much I'm considering getting a second pair). I have been nursing a growing need to wear beanies everyday. I have been wearing them whenever I can get away with it. The leather jacket gives it the finishing touch. It makes me think of Marlon Brando in "The Wild One". Swoon. Love him!
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