Mad for Plaid.

Today I'm officially one month from my due date. Only 4 weeks to go. I am getting so insanely anxious to welcome this little one into the world. It's getting a little rough at this point, being this pregnant and it being so hot. Airy dresses have become my go to. This dress is great, I just throw it on and it's so comfortable. I love the black and white ensemble with a red lip and some edgy accessories. My puffy feet only fit into a handful of my shoes. It's been so humid for LA and is making my hands and feet swell. I can't wear my wedding ring anymore. But my nails have never been so long and so strong. I did this nail design myself, I was inspired by one I saw on Refinery 29

I am looking forward to fall. I can't wait to have my baby girl, a waist, to wear jeans and sweaters, Halloween (my fave)...I've been trying to decide what our sweet baby girl should be for her first Halloween, maybe get her a little hat with kitty ears! I can't wait to experience life through her eyes. 
It's funny that now I'm looking forward to labor. At the beginning I was dreading this part and even in denial, but now I'm just ready. She's 6 lbs and 20 inches in there and I'm dying to see her little face, hold her and kiss her. She will be here so soon!!!!!! I'm counting down the days...

// Dress - ASOS Maternity // Bag - Alexander Wang Marion Bag // Sunnies - Tom's Lomamba //
// Sandals - Dolce Vita X Vanessa Mooney Atara  // Bracelets and Rings - Vintage // 


The Owls Are Not What They Seem // Throwback to 2012

 I was going through some old photos and came across these. Daniel and I went up to San Francisco to visit his uncles and spent an afternoon exploring Muir Woods in Marin County back in October of 2012. It's incredibly beautiful there. The redwoods alone are majestic and breathtaking. I loved walking through the trees. I remember feeling like there was something special about the air. I just love the wonder of nature. We were lucky enough to cross paths with a Northern Spotted Owl. I was in such awe of the creature I was barely able to get a photograph. I felt so blessed to come across a wild owl that just happened to be sitting there, right at our eye level, like he was just waiting for us. It was very mystical. We are huge Twin Peaks fans and I remember Daniel and I turning to each other and saying:
"The owls are not what they seem."

I can't wait until this little babe in my belly is big enough to appreciate adventures like this. I can't wait for her to learn about trees and enjoy a nice hike in the woods. 

P.S. I remember at the time I was really into the song "Schroedinger's Cat" by The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger. I kept listening to it walking through the woods - and I just loved the line:
"Like a tree that falls alone, in the woods without a sound, 
I can't be sure that I exist when you are not around..."


Baby Shower.

 I'm finally sharing some snippets of my baby shower a few weeks ago. It was such a beautiful, wonderful, fun day. My girls Karla and Diana threw me the best baby shower I have ever experienced. I may have cried a few times throughout the day. 
The decor was amazing, there were fresh flowers scattered everywhere along with adorable little birds and nests. Pink balloons covered the walls. A slide show played of Daniel and I throughout the day. The food was a Mediterranean-California hybrid with lots of fresh fruit, spanakopita, turkey sliders, pasta salad, meats, cheeses, peach sangria, agua fresca, chocolate chip cookies, bundt cake and more. It was perfect for a hot July day. It was so charming and delightful. But what really takes it to the next level is that they hired this amazing drag queen from Hamburger Mary's that dressed up as a baby! Later on there were more outfit changes and brilliant performances. It was such a great surprise and made it so much fun. I have no idea how they thought of it. Overall I just felt so loved. It was an incredibly special day full of so many wonderful people, touching moments and laughs.

Flowers & Yummy Snacks.
Peach Sangria. 
Bundt Cake. SO delicious. 
Little Bird decorations.

 Drag Queen dressed as a baby - AMAZING!
Diaper building contestants.
My Girls.  

So much love for these two - Karla & Diana. Threw the best baby shower. EVER. 
Wouldn't be having a baby shower without the Papa to be. 

Thank you again ladies for such an amazing day!
I love you all so much!


Beach Bliss.

Nothing quite relieves me of the heat, aches & pains like a dip in the ocean. It has been my pregnancy savior. After a day at the beach I feel so relaxed, rested and blissful. I know it can be intimidating and a little uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to dress for the beach, and it took me some time to figure out what I feel good in. Since you are more sensitive to the sun when you're pregnant, I always slather on sunscreen, bring a hat and set up an umbrella so I can control how much sun I get. As far as what to wear, finding a good cover-up is important. I love this airy, scarf print one. It dances in the wind. I can't help feeling beautiful, feminine and romantic in it. Then comes the tricky part, the swimsuit...There are so many maternity one pieces and tankinis out there, but almost all of them are halter tops. I am a bosomy woman and anything tying behind my neck is a nightmare that leaves me with a killer headache. I decided to dare to bare it all. I already had this amazing bikini top by Chloe Sevigny and Opening Ceremony, so I decided to just get some comfy, inexpensive bottoms. I went with the side tie so I could adjust them as my belly grew and wouldn't have to worry about them digging in anywhere. Not only do I feel free in the beach breeze in this, but I have the support I need and everything stays put, even when I dive under the waves. I also enjoy having my belly bare - I like thinking she can feel the waves and sunshine. Sure there a bits of me that jiggle as a walk in the sand, but I try not to think about it. The ocean is so healing, inspiring and powerful I forget about my body. Rising and falling with the incoming swells and watching dolphins swim by in the distance brings me peace and harmony. I can't get enough of the majestic Pacific Ocean. 

// Scarf Cover-Up - Asos Maternity // Swim Top - Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Harness Bikini // Swim Bottoms - Victoria's Secret PINK Cheeky // Hat - Panama Jack // Sunnies - Tom's //


Baby, Let Me Follow You Down.

This has to be one of my favorite maternity looks. When I wear this I just want a playlist of 1960's Bob Dylan to follow me wherever I go. It just has that feel good, folky, rocker vibe. I saw this Free People Marrakesh Dress on Kelli Murray's blog. She's also pregnant and has the best style. Her blog has been so inspiring for me. I'm so glad I saw her sporting this dress and decided to get it for myself. It's like wearing a night gown. It's wonderfully oversized, I'm in a size small. I love the amber green color it's a gentle, washed out neon. It's such a great canvas for accessories. It's so breathable, relaxed and funky. I feel ready for anything in this look. I love how effortless it is to throw this on and go. It's instantly become my quintessential summer maternity piece. It also looks great with my nude, suede platform sandals. 
Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks! Only 7 more to go until this little one's due date! Daniel and I have been in full blow nesting mode lately. We only have a couple things left to do before her big earth side debut! I'm really looking forward to next summer and having a sweet babe. I can't wait to introduce her to the beach and take her swimming at the pool! So many firsts to look forward to...

// Dress - Free People Beach Marrakesh Dress // Bag - Alexander Wang Marion Bag // 
// Necklace & Earrings - Free People // Hat - Panama Jack // Cuff - Vanessa Mooney //
// Sunnies - RayBan // Boots - Old // Bracelets - Vintage //