Lookout Farm.

We spent a cold (in the 40s) day at Lookout Farm in Natick. This is my favorite time of year!!! And 45° may be my ideal temperature, even though Daniel thinks I am totally crazy. I love getting all bundled up, but not too bundled up haha. The leaves are really starting to hit their stride changing here in New England. For a born and bred Southern California girl I could not be more in heaven. It's insanely magical. Despite that we were all feeling a little under the weather, we had such a nice day out and about exploring. There is nothing better than family adventures with my two(soon to be three) loves. We all really enjoy being outside, traversing and taking it all in. It makes me really excited for all of our future trips and ventures. I am so lucky to be graced by the presence of Daniel and Wren every day. I just love them so much. And we all feed of each other's energy and vibes so well. I have a feeling this little one in my belly is going to be the most adventurous of us all. She is definitely going to push us all a bit from our comfort zones which I think is great for all of us. We will all grow together. 

Also shout out to my thick, luscious pregnancy hair, haha. It is so shiny and growing like a weed and I love it. I feel like a Disney princess. Anyway we finished our fun, blustery day with apple cider donuts and it started raining the second we all got in the car. Our timing could not have been more perfect. Daniel and I also got so much done for the new nursery. It was like the most productive and enjoyable day. I wish every day could be like that. We only have 7 more weeks until our new little girl makes her debut. It's coming so quickly. I had such a great dream about her last night. She looked so much like Wren as a baby. I cannot wait to see her face! My brain is kind of all over the place today. I blame it on being 8 months pregnant. 
 these leaves though. 

 their bond is so beautiful. 
 i love this girl so much.
 walking under the concord vines. 
strolling through the apple trees.
obsessed with the leaves. 

 hi llama!
 her curls are heavenly. 
boots + leaves.
 hi goats!
 just call me the goat whisperer. haha. 
 daddy kisses are the best. 
these two. 
 caught snapping pics...and that bump. 
 got any grapes?
 that smile.
 Daniel's parents got this yellow coat in Spain. It's her favorite. She would wear it every single day if I let her. 
 farm life. 
 my two favorite mugs. 

our merry little band of adventurers. 
can't get enough trees.
 Wren and I joking that it's "no noggin" from Curious George Boofest. 

love. love. love. 

My Coat is from Madewell "City Grid Coat" last season. They have solids here and color block here.
Bag - Botkier "Soho Tote" in Brown Embossed Python. Similar here. I use this bag every single day. It's so great for fitting my wallet, snacks, first aid kit, water bottles, diapers, wipes and everything I need. 

Wren's scarf, tights and boots all Zara. You can't see it but she is wearing this dress, also Zara. 

Daniel is wearing his favorite shoes by SWIMS, similar here. They are waterproof and amazing for fall and winter.

Halloween is almost here! So excited. 

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