Iris' Birth Story.

It all began during the first week of December, when I started having small contractions. When I went to my doctor's appointment on December 8th my doctor was certain I would not make it through the weekend. Saturday the 10th my contractions picked up but were still very manageable, but I was having terrible back labor pains. My doctor said I should just go to the hospital to get checked. I stayed for a couple of hours and went home. I went in for my doctor's appointment the next week and the baby was measuring big and they were getting concerned. Wren, my first baby, was 8lbs 11oz and it was very difficult to deliver her.
My doctor was scheduled for that Saturday, December 17th - so we decided to come in and be induced. We woke up December 17th to the most beautiful, magical snow. We got to the hospital and I walked laps for an hour or two hoping to start up the real labor naturally but alas I was put on the pitocen. I recall having some bigger contractions but not too bad yet and saying "I just want to be in excruciating pain already!" well careful what you wish for - haha. Those contractions picked up like a switch was flipped and were coming fast and furious in no time. I was doing well with the pain for a few hours. But they were every 2 minutes for HOURS. There are no words to explain the overwhelming pain. I felt like I was getting close so I had them check me and I was still at 5 cm. I was devastated. The light at the end of the tunnel dimmed. I decided to have the epidural. I labored forever with Wren so I assumed that's what I was in for. It took another hour for the anesthesiologist to come in and then it took 3 tries for them to get it in my spine. For 45 minutes I had to be perfectly still while having these mega-contractions every 2 minutes while they insert that needle into my back. Daniel was holding my hands and I just zeroed on in his touch and tried to forget I was in my body. Finally they got it in. I was on my side trying to relax but I wasn't feeling the relief I was hoping for. I still felt SO MUCH PRESSURE. About 20 minutes after the epidural I had them check the bed because I thought I was going #2 but they were like "It's time to push!" Mentally I was not prepared but it was go time. Three quick pushes and she was here. 

Our sweet, perfect 
Iris Matilda Zia Zimman 
was born at 6:35pm December 17, 2016 
7lbs 6oz and 20.5"

She was so small! It turns out my placenta was enormous. They took it away for a biopsy. But Iris and I were both wonderful and healthy. Despite the afterbirth complications and extra blood loss I have been bouncing back so quickly this time around.

Iris is a fiery little thing. She is already living up to her name, Matilda is Germanic and means might/strength/strong in battle. Zia is Hebrew and Arabic, in Hebrew it means to quake, and in Arabic it means light/splendor. She has a voracious appetite and loves to be the in the middle of the action. She is so sweet, squishy and cuddly. She truly loves the snuggles. She already smiles a ton at six weeks old and I swear she laughed. I can already tell she's strong willed and is going to march to the beat of her own drum. 

We love you Iris!!!!

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