Wren's Second Birthday.

 So our little Wren Ramona Zofia turned a whole two years old last month. I really wanted to throw her a party because next year I will have another little girl and am not sure I will be up to it. She has been really into Tinkerbelle and fairies so we vaguely used fairies as a theme. The party favors were wings, crowns and wands. Little kids in fairy wings is basically the cutest thing ever. I wish I could do this for her every birthday haha. It was supposed to rain which threw a wrench in our backyard plans, but my wonderful husband rented this awesome tent. My mom and him spent like three hours setting it up and of course it ended up barely sprinkling and being very hot and SO humid. But the tent was awesome anyway and added some great ambience. Plus I am sure if we had no tent that it would have poured! Wren was really sad when we took the tent down. 

Last year I was a really good mom and made her a special sugarless strawberry shortcake with greek yogurt. She hadn't really had sugar yet so I didn't want her to get sick. But this year the sugar was flowing. I think she ate the buttercream frosting off of at least 3 strawberry cupcakes. I am going to try to do a post of the cupcake recipe because they were insanely delicious. Her birthday was a beautiful afternoon filled with fun, treats and little fairies running around. It was magical just like her. 

I cannot get over the fact that my baby is now such a big girl. Time is so weird. I feel like it is going by at lightning speed but at the same time it feels like I have had her forever. I can't even remember what life was like before her. It's like she has always been here. I know I must say this a lot on here but she is seriously a shining ray of light. This kid has so much personality. She is kind, adventurous, funny and thoughtful. She hugged every friend that came to her party. She said "thank you" to everyone for her gifts. She is so sensitive to others, it makes me so proud. She is a warm, inviting little person that genuinely wants those around her to be happy. What more could I ask for? I know I am totally bragging but I just can't help it. 

She has grown SO MUCH in the last year. I can't help but be a bit nostalgic. I can't even imagine what this next year has in store for her. It will no doubt be wonderful, beautiful and heart wrenching to watch as her Mumma. She is in preschool, getting more independent by the day, she will become a big sister, she started sleeping in a toddler bed(a post on this to come), there is going to be so much growing all around in the months to come... I am grateful to be blessed with her spirit, her face, her voice, her pillowy little hands, her sweet kisses, her head burrowed into me, her laughter and even her cries. Again I know I must say this a lot, but there is truly nothing better than being Wren's Mumma. You other moms out there get it. It is the most fulfilling thing in the universe helping her through the world, teaching her how to navigate and understand the things and people around her. She is so perceptive and mostly aware, except for her habit of running and looking behind her! She loves to be chased. It's one of her favorites along with music, art and animals. She is a natural artist and nurturer. Daniel and I cannot get enough of her. We are both so in love with our sweet girl. 

Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Wren!!!!!!


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