The Meeting of Winter & Spring.

These months are always the most inspirational to me. There's something about the meeting of winter and spring. Along with the flowers and the leaves,  it always makes me go through an inner death and rebirth every year. I always tend to look inward during this time, scrupulously. I am finding that each year I tend to cherish these months the most. Very transitional, very bittersweet, oh those growing pains every year, how you hurt so good. I find myself listening to this playlist I made nearly every day. Daniel and I were both working in silence yesterday and then he put it on. It made me smile.

"It Girl" - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Jupiter Teardrop" - Grant Lee Buffalo
"Lilac Wine" - Jeff Buckley
"The Drugs Don't Work" - The Verve
"Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" - covered by First Aid Kit
"The Suburbs" - Arcade Fire
"Breakers" - Local Natives"
"Speak In Rounds" - Grizzly Bear
"Ain't Fair" - Deap Valley
"Flatlands" - Chelsea Wolfe
"Daydream" - The Lovin' Spoonful
"Grazing In The Grass" - Hugh Masekela
"Rainwater Cassette Exchange" - Deehunter
"This Time Tomorrow" - The Kinks
"California Sunrise" - Dirty Gold
"Corcovado(Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)"- Stan Getz, Astrid Gilb

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