A Shape In A Drape.

 I cannot even believe it is 2013! I am getting married this year! Wild. Last year was so amazing and I really feel that magic growing. It is going to be the year of the magician! I think it's going to be quite surprising to see what we pull out of our hat this next year. I am going to be really good aboout posting to the blog this year. January has been lovely in LA. A bit of a chill in the air. It makes me feel moody, heady and inspired; lots of  jotting down ideas in the moleskine. Makes me feel like a french beatnik with a touch of the 70s.  I love these shoes! Daniel got them for me at Urban on sale for $10! Great steal. They add just enough funk and whimsy.
I am not usually one for resolutions but this year is an exception. I am going to be bolder in my choices.
Embrace all my eccentricities and own it.
// shirt & leggings-american apparel // hat-asos // shoes-u/o // earrings-h&m // 
// necklaces & bracelet-souvenirs from india // bag-aldo //

HAPPY 2013!

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