On the Case.

 I got this jacket to wear when I go to Boston in the fall and winter to stay warm, but I have become increasingly obsessed with wearing it A LOT in LA. Lucky for me the fur lined hood and vest are removable. It's such a fun jacket to wear. It makes me feel like a detective from a noir film. I love the military touches and masculinity of it. It's fun to pair with a dress and lacy tights, I feel like the detective and the lady in distress at the same time. But mostly I just feel like a bad ass when I wear it. I love clothes that give me so much confidence, that I feel like I could solve crimes, LOL, and start using phrases like “This guy was tough. As tough as a nickel steak.” or “I didn’t like his face. When he said he was called Smith, I didn’t like his name either.” Haha. This jacket and I have way too much fun. I will have to find a way to continue to rock this well into the spring and possibly summer.

// jacket-Patterson J. Kincaid // bag-Holding Horses // dress-AnM // sunnies jewelry and boots-vintage //

Last but not least here is a great line from Hitchcock's Stranger on a Train:
Senator Morton: You had no trouble, of course, with the police once they verified your alibi?
Guy Haines: When an alibi is full of bourbon, sir, it can't stand up. 
Happy Monday!

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