Snowy Daydreams.

 This wonderful modern Cosby sweater was a holiday gift from my Mom. It is currently on sale here. I am such a fan of soft cozy things. It's the little comforts in life: pumpkin spice lattes, knit scarves, wool socks, woodsy scented candles. I can already feel spring sneaking up, and it makes me a little sad. For someone who lives in L.A.'s eternal sunshine I really like fall and winter. I love lots of layers and my cozy comforts. I keep telling Daniel we should move to NYC, because I want to live in actual seasons. I have a severely romantic idea of real winter, it includes lots of cuddling in bed, hot beverages, going out to shovel the morning snow and having an impromptu snow ball fight with a neighbor, huddling close together while walking down the street. Sometimes I feel like I have had enough sunshine for a lifetime. I have a theory that the lack of seasons keep us from feeling the turning of time. Thus LA is filled with a lot childish adults that never grow up. And while that definitely has a certain appeal I yearn for conversation with seasoned creatives not afraid to embrace their aging minds, hopefully while sipping on hot beverages in the candlelight and wearing amazing coats. Plus I can only imagine how amazing spring would be after being cold for a few months. It must be nothing short of magical.
// sweater-bb dakota // skirt & bag-vintage // sunnies-warby parker // boots-franco sarto //
// jewelry-vintage & india souvenirs //

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