2012: The Wonder Year

2012 was such a crazy, amazing, magical, whirlwind of a year jam packed with all sorts of unexpected adventures all over the globe. It was the year I cut bangs(which I will never do again), went to London and Paris, got ENGAGED, went to Cape Cod and Boston a couple times, Coachella, dyed my hair blue, wrote a feature, went to India(Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar and Udaipur to be exact-post for that is coming I swear), Daniel's sister got married, went to NorCal and Lake Powell, and wrote a short film, I also managed to dabble in some music making. WHAT A YEAR! I don't know how we did it all! I am so excited for 2013! I know it will be filled with some major milestones, wild adventures, and much more wonder and love! I knew it was a wonderful year but when I started to gather the photos for this I was like "WOW! It really was the best year ever!" I just feel so extremely blessed to have such an amazing life! Sometimes I cannot even believe I am living it! I am just so grateful to get travel so much and have such awesome friends and family and get to do what I love, writing like a fiend. 

Wishing the world a magical, exciting, blissful new year!

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