Phreudian Eye.

my life as Phreud my iPhone sees it:
warby parker frames. 1,001 Nights

 Homemade beet salad. Wurstkuche sausage and Chimay.

 Riding the LA river. Sunsets never get old.
 Harvesting tomatos. Daniel + Me about to see Fiona Apple.

 Jay-Z Blueprint vinyl. Berries.
 Apples and honey for a sweet year. SP versions of our Halloween costumes, John + Yoko.

 Ananda, a sweet Kitty my friend Julie adopted. Thinking.

 Fountain. Palm trees.

 BW a street kitty we feed. TT.

 Packing my crystals. Wandering through the Redwood forest. 

 Trees. Everywhere.

 Golden Gate Bridge. Reviewing photos of an owl on my 7D.

 Train #1. Big Sur.

 Heart Castle pools, Neptune pool and Roman pool.

 We ran into Karla + Travis on their honeymoon. Daniel's dad modeling some fierce pants.

 Exploring the grounds of our future nuptials. Heart in a rib cage nail art.

 Skull ghost nail art. TT.
 Cartoon us. 3D us. Frankenweenie made me cry.

"Like a tree that falls alone in the woods without a sound, I can't be sure that I exist if you are not around." - Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

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