Who Knows Where The Time Goes.

(Wren last August and this July - she has grown so much)

As it nears Wren's second birthday I cannot help but look back at photos from the last year and reminisce. It all just goes by much, much too fast. There are so many moments I want to go back and relive over and over. Motherhood is so incredible. Watching this amazing little human transform little by little every day is truly the ultimate gift. I cannot remember what life was like without this little shadow following me around. How did anything matter without her? 
There is nothing greater than experiencing the world through her. She lights up my world. She ignites a deep, fierce, true fire within me. She makes me better every single second. Becoming a mother is most definitely my greatest gift, challenge and treasure. 
I am now carrying another growing life inside of me. Due to enter this world sometime in December. I cannot express how much I am looking forward to starting another journey with this new little one. Wren understands there is a baby in my belly and will give it hugs and kisses. It will be a whole new chapter to watch her become a big sister, take this new little one under her wing to nurture, love and show it the ropes of life. 

I am so so so so grateful for this magnificent, magical, crazy journey I am on. 

This new little one is already a mover and shaker in there. I think it's going to be very adventurous. We went for the gender scan already but this one was too busy kicking and somersaulting to let us get a good look. So we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. 

I am really wanting to get back into blogging again. Wren spilled water on my laptop a few months back and I have yet to replace it. For some reason using my desktop just doesn't inspire me to get back at it, but I am going to try harder. 

A few fun Wren quotes:

Looking at her toes "Look Mumma these my little paws"
Me "What?"
"My little paws" 

Looking at a tiger at the zoo "Tt!" (our cat)

I said to her "Mumma is sleepy" so she tucked me in bed "Nap Mumma, nap" and shoved my head down on the pillow LOL

Seeing letters of any kind anywhere - she will point and say "T, O, I, D..." she is really obsessed with the alphabet. She also sings her own version of the alphabet song

If I ask her to sing a song 99% of the time she will start humming and singing "Jet" by Paul McCartney it is her favorite song 

Leaving the beach she waves and says "bye bye beach! thank you"

A few of Wren's favorite things:

The Alphabet
Playing her harmonica
Getting her nails painted
Giving other kids hugs and high fives
Kiddie rides

ME and my bump. It's actually bigger than this now. 
Wren last August. She just started walking on her own. 
Wren last August - she was just a little peanut. 

 Wren this July stealing strawberries. 
 Some summer adventures with my little love. 
I love this life of mine so much my heart could burst

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