Autumn at Russell Orchards.

 Last weekend we drove up to Ipswich and went to Russell Orchards. It's a beautiful farm with pumpkins, apple picking, hay rides, lots of animals and they make delicious apple cider donuts. We went with Daniel's mom and his sister Sarah and her family. Wren and her cousin Dylan are two of sweetest little people on the planet, and when they're together it's too cute. They hug each other, hold hands and he even gave her a kiss! It's so special to be able to grow up being close to your cousins. We had such a fun time exploring the farm. Wren loved playing in the pumpkin patch. I can't believe how much she has grown! Last year she couldn't even sit up. I had to prop her up! (Check out last year here.) This year she was running around and trying to pick pumpkins up!

Munching on apple cider donuts in the pumpkin patch. 

This girl seriously loves her Daddy!

 Daniel and his mini me Wren!

 She just wanted to run and jump into this pond so badly. haha. 

 Such a pretty farm. There were chickens, goats, cows, donkeys, turkeys and rabbits. There was a black and white rabbit that looked an awful lot like one of our cats and Wren kept pointing at it and calling 'Jack'. 
So many yummy apples. 
 She loved looking at the animals. She loves furry critters just like her Mama. 

Cousin hugs. Basically the sweetest ever.

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