White Lace Flower.

Daniel and I have been getting everything ready for the baby's arrival. We are finally all set! Now just anxiously awaiting for her to decide it's time for her Earthside debut! I'm just two days away from being 38 weeks and doctor says it could be anytime now. Had a couple contractions so far and baby is in position! I'm so ready to do this. Pregnancy gets pretty rough at the end, especially in this miserable heat. Everything is swollen, everything hurts, there's no being comfortable, there's not much sleep....I'm just ready for the next chapter, being a Mama to this sweet little girl in my belly. I have been doing my best to feel put together and pretty. Thank god for lipstick, it really does the trick for me without really having to deal with makeup. I haven't really felt like putting much on between being this big and all the sweating in this heat. I'm wearing MAC's Russian Red. 

Daniel has been spoiling me the last few months. He surprised me back in July with these funky clogs. I am betting they will look even better when my ankles aren't the size of an elephant's. HAHA. A couple days ago he busted out this great Marc Jacobs Crossbody bag. I have been wanting a small black bag with gold hardwear ever since Alexander Wang lost my Pelican Sling Bag. He sure does know how to make a girl feel special. It also gives me some stuff to look forward to wearing to leave the house. I don't want to become a total hermit after the baby gets here. 

I can't believe I am so close to meeting this little one! I cannot express how badly I want to see her precious face and hold her tiny hand. She is measuring in the 50th percentile so she's perfectly average, not too big, not too small. And the doctor says she has long legs like her Daddy. I hope she comes out soon! 

// White Lace Tunic - Anthropologie // Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs //

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