Mad for Plaid.

Today I'm officially one month from my due date. Only 4 weeks to go. I am getting so insanely anxious to welcome this little one into the world. It's getting a little rough at this point, being this pregnant and it being so hot. Airy dresses have become my go to. This dress is great, I just throw it on and it's so comfortable. I love the black and white ensemble with a red lip and some edgy accessories. My puffy feet only fit into a handful of my shoes. It's been so humid for LA and is making my hands and feet swell. I can't wear my wedding ring anymore. But my nails have never been so long and so strong. I did this nail design myself, I was inspired by one I saw on Refinery 29

I am looking forward to fall. I can't wait to have my baby girl, a waist, to wear jeans and sweaters, Halloween (my fave)...I've been trying to decide what our sweet baby girl should be for her first Halloween, maybe get her a little hat with kitty ears! I can't wait to experience life through her eyes. 
It's funny that now I'm looking forward to labor. At the beginning I was dreading this part and even in denial, but now I'm just ready. She's 6 lbs and 20 inches in there and I'm dying to see her little face, hold her and kiss her. She will be here so soon!!!!!! I'm counting down the days...

// Dress - ASOS Maternity // Bag - Alexander Wang Marion Bag // Sunnies - Tom's Lomamba //
// Sandals - Dolce Vita X Vanessa Mooney Atara  // Bracelets and Rings - Vintage // 

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