Red. Red. Red.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!
I feel like I am getting more pregnant by the day haha. I am 24 weeks today!!! Only four more weeks until the third trimester!!!!! I am so excited it's the weekend. It's two of my favorite people's birthdays!!!! I love celebrating the people I love and am so thankful they are a part of my life. I seem to have a think for Geminis, not only are my mom and brother both Geminis but also a few of my closest friends. Funny how that works. 
Well I am loving this Asos Maternity Dress. I ordered it back when I was in my first trimester and my bump is finally getting the right size for it. I really love the bright oxblood color. The modest cut of the dress makes me feel so motherly but the accessories make me feel very cool and hip. It's a nice balance. The shoes definitely play up the edge. It's weird becoming mother. It definitely makes me think more about what I wear and what message it's sending. It makes me want to make small adjustments to my style. Nothing too short or too low cut anymore. My love for sky high shoes is dwindling and my need for comfortable boots and sneakers is growing. I will still always have a place in my heart for heels but they are becoming more for special occasions and less for everyday. My achy feet just can't handle them anymore. And the last thing I want is damaged feet that will keep me from running and playing with my little one. 
Overall I will say it feels good to grow and change and mature. And I am really enjoying discovering new facets in myself and parts of me that I have never known. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

// Dress - Asos // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell // Bag - Rebecca Minkoff //
// Hat - Anthropologie // Necklace - Free People //

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  1. gorgeous lip color!