In Dreams.

Aaaand I'm back after a few weeks hiatus. I've just been plagued with headaches and went to Boston for a week. I am currently listening to Roy Orbison, hence the title of this post. I am in such a lovely mood today and excited to share the gender of this sweet babe in my belly...
It's a GIRL!!!!!!
I knew it. I've been extra girly lately and drawn to pink, which is highly unusual for me. Do you see these earrings I'm rocking? I didn't go overboard, the black, silk dress anchors the outfit and keeps it from being too loud and vibrant. It's the perfect canvas for this great, punchy bag from Zimman's. It's just screaming to be taken on a tropical vacation. 
I adore the collaboration Dolce Vita did with Vanessa Mooney. All of the sandals are amazing. I was so tempted to get the black Atara Sandals, but ultimately chose the gold because that's what I needed. 
I am so excited to start planning a baby shower. I'm 19 weeks now - next week I'll be half way through the pregnancy. Time is just flyyyying...it seems like it was just January and now it's almost May. September will be here before I know it and this sweet baby girl will enter the world. It's the most beautiful, exciting, amazing thing to have ever happened to me. Words just really don't do the feelings justice. Being pregnant in spring is simply magical. All these flowers blooming and little animals being born, I've never felt so much a part of it as I do now. 

I will leave you with "In Dreams" lyrics by Roy Orbison, because baby girl I dream of you every night...

"In dreams I walk with you. In dreams I talk to you.
In dreams you're mine. All of the time, we're together...
in dreams...in dreams..."

// Dress - BCBG (Similar here) // Bag - Zimman's // 


  1. Congrats! Girls are SO MUCH FUN! So happy for you two.

  2. Love the earrings!! You didn't say where they were from. You look so gorgeous in these pics, wow!!