Blooming Like a Flower.

I have finally felt up to posing for some photos. So far being pregnant hasn't been too bad. I haven't gotten any morning sickness - So thank goodness for that. But I have been plagued with headaches. Practically everyday. I drink water like it's my job, I've been eating healthy and basically every two hours, getting a ton of sleep and exercising, but nothing seems to make a difference to these headaches. I know it's just the hormones and the hundreds of changes going on in my body. Yesterday I felt great. Basically like my old, usual self.
Somedays I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that there's a little life growing inside of me. I keep thinking of watching a hyacinth bloom. It's starts as just as a cluster of buds and little by little each bud opens revealing perfect little petals forming a flower. I used to watch them bloom and think about how each flower is such a miracle. I can't help feeling like a flower blooming. Soon I will open up, literally and metaphorically, and a new little life will emerge. Nature just blows my mind. I will say I have never felt so proud being a woman. It's an incredible honor and gift to be the oven for this little bun.
I'm in the second trimester now and my normal clothes are quite fitting like they used to. I've had to start rocking some of my maternity stuff. I adore this dress that I ordered from ASOS. They have some of the best maternity stuff around. I find most maternity stuff is all sort of preppy. Which is obviously not my style at all. So I have been snatching up whatever boho finds I can. I also don't want to shell out a ton of cash for clothes that I'll only be wearing for a few months. So I love the sale prices on ASOS. It's possible to be a stylish and savvy mama to be. 
I have been also feeling a bit crafty lately. I made this boot chain out of an old necklace and an ankh from when I had my earring store on etsy. Eventually I hope to get back at making and selling earrings.
Oh and I got haircut! Hadn't had one in longer than I'd like to admit. I chopped four inches off! I feel great. So light, fresh and free!!!! It was much needed. It actually has shape and body now, instead of being like a massive wild weed. I miss it being a bit longer but I know it will grow really fast.

// Boots - Steve Madden (from ages ago - similar here) // 
// Bag - Vintage (similar here) // Sunnies - Warby Parker 'Jasper' // Lipstick - MAC Diva //

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