Baby Love.

OMG! We have the most exciting, special news to share! I am pregnant with a sweet, little bun in the oven!!! It has been killing Daniel and I to have to keep it a secret, but we wanted to make sure everything was good before we yelled it from the mountain tops. Our sweet baby is due to arrive in September! I am 13 weeks right now, and about to enter the second trimester. Time has just been flying by. Only 6 more months to go! So crazy! Well we are just over the moon with this wonderful news! 

I am finally starting to feel like my usual self. Luckily I never really had any morning sickness, just some headaches and feeling extremely tired. I don't exactly have a real bump yet. It just looks like I went to town on some pizza or something. But I can't button my jeans anymore and even my usual leggings are starting to get a little uncomfortable. Most bumps pop out between 12-18 weeks, so I am sure you'll be able to tell soon. 

This is why I haven't been posting many photos of myself on here lately. Being pregnant is pretty strange. I don't know how to describe it, it's just something you have to experience. You're whole body changes. I feel like I am in someone else's body. I've been feeling so tired, bloated and my skin was broken out for a while there, among other stuff. But everything is feeling much better, and I am finally getting used to it all. And now that the cat's out of the bag I can finally start sharing some of maternity stuff and my LITTLES pinterest board that I have keeping secret. 


All photos by the amazing Kenzie Wood.

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  1. How crazy! Many congratulations to you on your little bundle of joy! The time is just going to be flying by!! :)
    xo TJ