Walk in the Park.

My first post of the new year and I am already spending more time outdoors. I am still not feeling quite 100%. I hope that changes soon. I still managed to muster up some strength to have a nice picnic with Daniel in the park and a stroll through LACMA. 
I have been eyeing these pants for months, agonizing over them. I didn't know how they would look on my 5'2" hourglass figure. The day after Christmas I noticed they were on sale - so I finally went for it. I am so glad I did. Not only do they fit well but they are super comfy. This outfit makes me feel like a chic, boho pirate. A little rough, a little glam, wrists full of bangles, I am ready for adventure.
Starting 2014 out like a badass.

// Sweater - Vintage Havana // Pants - One Teaspoon Babylon Striped Pant // Hat - Reiss //
// Boots - Steve Madden // Bag - Holding Horses //

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