2013: The Year of the Circle of Life.

Some of my favorite moments of 2013:
Getting to gaze at this one constantly. Daniel looking so cute posing with Jesse's sitar. 

 Meeting my nephew Dylan.
I will always treasure my time spent with Daniel's grampy, he passed away this year. 
But will always inspire me to love life, and to really live it.

Shenanigans with the ladies. 
 Seeing Daniel for the first time on our wedding day.
 Celebrating at our wedding, BEST DAY EVER!

 Being on the beach with some of the best people I know, celebrating Daniel's bday.
 Adventures on Crete. I will never forget the majestic, wild beauty of it.
 In character for The Murder Mystery party.
 I always love taking walks in the woods.
 Seeing the Acropolis definitely reminds you how fleeting your life really is.
 Taking refreshing dips in the Mediterranean Sea.
 The view from our balcony on Santorini is forever emblazoned in my memory.
 Did I mention swimming in the Mediterranean Sea? 
 Getting tattoos of each other's Hewbrew initials on Valentine's Day. 
I will always have Daniel with me.
 Snow in the woods in Cape Cod. Truly magical.
 I recorded some music in the studio this year. Such an amazing experience.
 Nothing brings me peace like long walks on the cape with my love.
 Spending time my niece Lily. She is so lively, creative, spirited and lovely. It's incredible watching her grow.
 Meeting my nephew Charlie, who came into the world with the snow.
Spending time in NYC with family is pretty magical.

2013 you were beautiful, wonderful, heartbreaking, inspiring, challenging, life-changing, rewarding, extraordinary, miraculous and spellbinding. I truly experienced the circle of life, with birth, death and getting married. You have impressed onto me the need to cherish every moment of this gorgeous, fleeting life. You have given me so many moments that I know I will look back on when I lie on my death bed one day, remembering the amazing things in life I got to experience. You have been so fulfilling. Thank you for your lessons, your charm, your love, your tests.
2013 you have made me stronger, more appreciative, more loving, more adventurous...you have shown me lifetime in a mere year. 
I will treasure you always.

I am ready for you 2014.

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