Phrancoise Spies: Snaps of Autumn Adventures

I have gotten a new iPhone, so it is no longer Phreud spies, but now Phrancoise spies...They're all out of order but whatever...here are some snaps of October & November...
 Yeezy at Staples Center
 Iced Coffee and cool tiles at Cafe Intelligentsia
 One Eyed Jack cozy as can be
 Daniel got a haircut, totally has a Jon Snow vibe now...
 Cuddles with One Eyed Jack are the best
 Sippin on Lillet
 My brainy look in my Warby Parkers
 Went to my first comedy show at The Comedy Store
 wise words
 Garlic, rosemary and thyme covered roasted veggies
 Chartreuse my latest OBSESSION
 Hanging with my sweet nephew Dylan
 Flying East
 Night time walks in the rain
 Sunset in the woods
 Happy Hanukkah!
 Truro on the Cape
 Eyes Without a Face LOL
 No oysters for me : ( I'm allergic
 Afternoon adventures with my love
 On the road 
 My little sweetheart TT
 1920's Murder Mystery Party make-up
 This candle smells sooooo good
 Halloween Flashback Friday - Cleopatra
California sunset

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