DIY: Autumn Nail Art.

I love having polished finger nails and dabbling in some nail art. Especially during this time of year, where are there are lots festive gatherings. 
I call this The Double-Triple Zig-Zag since you need two sets of three colors and the pattern is in a zig-zag design. It's fairly simple and easy. Just follow my directions.

Start by picking out three base colors. 
I decided on Essie's Sable Collar, Shearling Darling and Mint Candy Apple.
 Always start with a clean, smooth nail. I use my seven sided nail file often, as you can tell by it's wear and tear. It's so important to start with a smooth, even surface. It also helps your nails grow and keeps them from breaking. So once your nails are clean and smooth you can begin...
 STEP 1:
  Apply Color #1, in my case it's Sable Collar, to the outer third of your nail on Hand #1.
Try to paint it thin but even.

**I always do my right hand first.  I am right handed, so painting with my left always is a little messier. This way I can use my left thumb nail to remove access polish from around my nails.**
 STEP 2:
Apply Color #2, for me it's Mint Candy apple, to the opposite third of your nail on 
Hand #1. 
It's okay if it's a little more then a third, just be sure there is a bare strip of nail in between Color #1 and Color #2.
 STEP 3:
Do a second coat of Color #1 and Color #2 on Hand #1.
 STEP 4:
Repeat steps 1-3 on Hand #2. 
**I like for the polish on my left hand to mirror the right hand.
So Color #1 is on the outer third of nail and Color #2 is on the inner third of the nail.**
Allow time for Color #1 and Color #2 to dry before beginning STEP 5.
 STEP 5:
 Apply Color #3 to the center of your nail on Hand #1 and then Hand #2.
Try to keep it as straight and even as possible.
 STEP 6:
Apply a second coat of Color #3 to each nail. Again try to make sure it's thin but even.
Be sure to allow a few minutes for your nails to dry before moving onto the zig-zags.

 STEP 7:
Pick three zig-zag colors.
 I used Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black, White and Lavender. They have thin brushes which makes it simple. You can use regular polish and apply with a toothpick or small paint brush.
Pick an outer edge to start the zig-zags. I chose the inner edge, I find it to be the easiest to start with for me.

Paint four thin dashes angling up with Color #4 (black for me) only covering one of the thirds.
I chose to put it over Color #2 -Mint Candy Apple. Do both hands.

Using Color #5 (Lavender, for me), paint four more dashes in the center third of your nail.
- connecting them to the Color #4 dashes
and angling them down
 Do both hands.
Using Color #6 (White, for me), paint four more dashes in the remaining third of your nail.
- connecting them to the Color #5 dashes - and angling them up
 Do both hands.
STEP 11: 
Paint all nails with a top coat. This step is essential when using various polishes. 
It will give an overall finish. I like Essie's Good To Go. 
It gives a lot of shine and dries so fast.

STEP 12:  
Using a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, 
go around each nail removing any unwanted mess.

Now go out in the world and show those claws off. My guess is you'll be getting a lot of compliments.
: )

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