Walking Under Leaves.

This is always a weird time of year for me. Despite how many times I have lived through it now, it always manages to get me by surprise. The months of September and October always become disparate. My body is living in what the temperature would classify as "summer" and my mind is insistent that it is "autumn".  And I spend these weeks in a state of disbelief and longing. Needless to say there's a lot of interesting and perhaps inappropriate outfits that I throw together. But there are a couple that I just want to wear for like a week straight. Like this one.

To say that I have been trying to find creative ways to wear some of my fall colors and items, would be an understatement. For example I've been wearing my jackets with as little as possible underneath, like this J. Patterson Kincaid Parka with all the lining out,  the sleeves rolled up and just a little black tank dress underneath. I do really have a love affair with this parka. I have found ways to wear it all year long. Even when it's so blazing hot. It just makes me feel polished and yet ready for anything. I have also been wearing these Jeffrey Campbell Cantu Booties all summer long. They give any outfit such an interesting twist. Plus the wedge version is super comfy. And for some reason I have been feeling compelled to use some of my smaller purses lately. It makes me feel lighter, more on the move. This Alexander Wang Pelican Sling Bag is my absolute favorite, it has the perfect combination of timelessness and edginess, and it's a little under the radar. It has definitely been my go-to bag lately. Thank god I have these items in my closet, they are keeping me together until it's cold enough to wear a soft beanie on my head. 

// Parka - Patterson J. Kincaid // Bag - Alexander Wang // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell //

"There is a part of me that will forever want to be walking under autumn leaves, carrying a briefcase containing the works of Shakespeare and Yeats and a portable chess set. I will pass an old tree under which once on a summer night I lay in the grass with a fragrant young woman and we quoted e.e. cummings back and forth."
- Roger Ebert

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