Greece Part Three: CRETE

Crete is unimaginably gorgeous. There is so much wild, rugged terrain, with quaint, picturesque villages tucked in here and there. The whole island nestled in the deep blue of the Mediterranean, rich with ancient history. It also holds some of the oldest ruins in the world, Knossos. The first settlement dates to about 7000 BC. The first palace dates to 1900 BC. It's a really cool place to check out, the oldest road in Europe is part of the ruins of Knossos. I could write a lot about the facts and history of Knossos, if it interests you, do a little wiki research. 

From Knossos we drove back through Heraklion and headed out west across the island. We chose to stay in Rethymno, which I could not be happier about, it was simply enchanting. It's architecture dates back to the 16th century, as a Venetian fishing village, with arched doorways, long stairways and  narrow cobblestone walkways, complete with a Venetian-era citadel, the Fortezza, one of the best-preserved castles in Crete. Rethymno was timeless, romantic and had some of the best seafood dishes of all time. The next day we drove through the Samaria Gorge to the south western side of the island where we stumbled across a gorgeous beach called Shinaria. It even had lounge chairs and umbrellas, and you can buy a Mythos for a couple euro. 

Crete is a genuinely divine island, that I plan on returning to many, many times. In fact Daniel and I hope to one day own a little piece of it ourselves.
Until next time, Crete.
The Throne Room, Knossos.
Exploring the restored North Entrance of Knossos, with charging bull fresco.

Dolphin fresco, Knossos.
Me and Daniel loving Knossos.
Daniel and Knossos' Horns of Consecration.
Me, having too much fun at Knossos.
Our hotel room in Rethymno.
Walking around the old town.
Art work at Pigadi Restaurant.
Romantic dining.
Leaving Rethymno.
Driving around...
...exploring the island.
Daniel taking a dip at Shinaria beach...
...and enjoying a Mythos.
Driving around we stumbled onto this cool tunnel through a rock.
Our neon green rental car in the distance.
Daniel, ready for adventure.
Pigadi Restaurant in Rethymno.
Lounging by the pool.
Greek salad at Rimondi Estate in Rethymno.
Veggie pasta at Pigadi restaurant.

More posing in the rock tunnel.
My view at Shinaria beach.
Lots of little street cats beg for food.
Spaghetti Bolognese at Erofili.
Sea bream at Erofili.
Swooped up these two rings in a local jewelry store in Rethymno.
Daniel taking in the scenery.

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