Phreud: Summer of the Snake.

 Nails all the colors of the sea.
 Celebrating this enigma's birthday with a flashback friday. Tinks + Bit-Bit = 4 EVER!
 Dreams of swimming in the Mediterranean. 
 Amazing horror themed birthday bash...
 ...which of course calls for a backyard screening of "The Return of the Living Dead"....
 ...complete with glowing candles and lanterns.
 Andy Warhol, his birthday was August 6th.
 Reunited with this ray of sunshine, had to post this retro gem.
 Celebrating two months of marriage with this hunk.
 Arm Party.
 Melting in the heat selfie.
 Long walks.
 Red dragonfly with torn wing.
 One of my neighbor's topiaries. 
 So many gorgeous sunsets lately.
 Keeping One Eyed Jack cool with cold, wet towels from the freezer. 
 Had to watch Wet Hot American Summer.
 Sipping iced coffee at LACMA.
 Henri Matisse working like a boss at 84.
Shameless selfie taken in the parking lot.

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