Phreud: Story d'été

This summer has already been such a crazy whirlwind. We went to Rhode Island, got married in Topanga Canyon, flew to Greece for our honeymoon, upon our arrival back in LA we were called away to Boston with heartbreaking news, managed to spend a couple days on the Cape, and then finally came home to LA for good. After about fifteen or so flights, four time zones and experiencing the highs and lows of the circle of life we have been trying to settle into a routine,  newly wed life and process everything that has happened in the last month - which is pretty much a lifetime's worth of experiences. It's been so nice to spend time outdoors and among friends and family. Enjoying life and remembering what it's all about; love and memories to treasure, being spontaneous and in the moment, eating birthday cake, laughing, being one with nature and of course being with the ones you love.
 In'N' Out.
 One Eyed Jack trying to blend in.
 MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. My latest obsession.
 Got a new MACbook Air from my hubby and a sweet card : )
 Up in the air, once again.
 Daniel and Lily <3 br="">
 We came across these gems, Daniel's dad's original Woodstock tickets!!!
 Following my love through the woods in Cape Cod.
 I love the tall grass on the walk to the sea in the Cape.
 My little niece Lily is already pretty fierce.
 Celebrating our birthdays, that's right, we're both Cancers...
 Going for four mile walks to clear my head.
 My ride or die homies Nick and Diana cruising on a motorcycle.
 Jess, me & Diana. Oh how I love my wild ones!
 Stealing away to gorgeous beaches in Malibu.
 Exploring caves in the cliff's side that are sacred to Native Americans.
 Yoga retreat with my Ma...
 ...and exploring LACMA with her too.
 Smoothies. All day and night.
 Watching my girl Julie get LASIK eye surgery. MIND BLOWING!!!!
 Channeling Edie Sedgwick.
 Me(above) and Diana(below) enjoying our pal Bug's interactive art show.

 Daniel & I at a play called Terminator Too: Judgement Play. 
They encourage you to drink and recommend you wear a poncho. SO FUN.
 An audience member is selected to play The Terminator.
Having a mini film school college reunion at our old stomping grounds.

"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back."
  - Arthur Rubinstein.

Go and love life.

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