Greece Part One: ATHENS

 Daniel and I decided to go to Greece for our honeymoon. It was so spectacular. Everyone needs to go! Seriously. Our first stop was Athens, we had two days there, I wish we had more, I really loved it. Strolling along the Plaka after dinner with the Acropolis illuminated is something out of a dream. So much fun outdoor exploring to do. I loved running around in the Ancient Agora trying to imagine what life must have been like back in 415 BC. You can't help but feel your own fleeting mortality. All of Greece is filled with so much history, it's like you are channeling your inner Indiana Jones. Surrounded by ancient marble statues that are larger than life, you can't help but get lost in the legends.
 Visiting the Archeological Museum.
Zeus or Poseidon? You decide.
 I was mesmerized by this boy and his horse.
 I just love the expression on this sweet marble pup. Mankind + Dogs = BFF
A Satyr's mask.  Aphrodite and Eros swatting away Pan's advances. A Siren.
Statues found after spending thousands of years at the bottom of the sea. The only part of them preserved is what was buried in the sand. Lucky for this guy it was his head and face.
 A haunting bronze statue salvaged from the bottom of the sea.
 An adorable little boy playing songs on his accordion for money.

 The Acropolis Museum's ancient ruins.

The Plaka.
 The Acropolis at night from our hotel room balcony.

 Theater of Herod Atticus, where they still do performances today.

 Erehteion, an ancient temple to Athena and Poseidon.

 The Parthenon.
 All that remains of the East Pediment, Dionysos and Helios' horse.
 The Theater of Dionysos.
The rocky ground.
 I always have to pet any animals I come across, anywhere I go. I can't help it.
Me and a very old tree that I like to think was the first Olive tree ever, created when Athena kicked the Earth with her heel, winning her the city, hence the name Athens.

 Daniel in the Theater of Dionysos.

 Adventures in the Ancient Agora.
 The view of the Acropolis from the Ancient Agora.
 We found our cat One Eyed Jack's Athenian twin!
Oh Athens I cannot wait to visit you once again! You were enchanting, romantic and dreamy!

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