Away we go. Ready for take-off. It's so funny how things change. I have been home now just about a month. I was so longing to be in one place for a time, but now already I feel the restlessness growing. I want to fly away to some unknown destination once again. For now these photos of our wonderful time in Greece will have to suffice. After Athens we visited Thessaloniki. It holds a special place in my heart because it's where my great grandmother used to live and where my grandfather was born. I wasn't really sure what to expect. It's a pretty gorgeous town right on the water. Modern buildings shooting up right next to ancient archways and piles of thousand year old rubble. Through the years it has been occupied by all sorts of other countries and people but the Greeks are strong and resilient. That is what ultimately drove my family to flee to America, their home was bombed during WW2. I really enjoyed walking down the streets and imagining my grandfather as a young boy running around through the markets and wondering if my great grandmother attended any of the churches, imagining what their life and experiences must have been like. It's a very busy metropolitan city. It's considered the cultural center of Greece. An hour or two in the car will take you to Chalkidiki, which is a peninsula that has some of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen. We had such a fantastic time, lots of late dinners followed by romantic walks, and ate the best fish of our lives in Kassandria. The owner has a grove of olive trees behind the restaurant. You pick a fish out of a tank and he prepares it for you with fresh pressed olive oil and lemon. It tastes like heaven, especially combined with a delicious Mythos beer. It is pretty much the best thing ever after a long day of beach adventures. I long to return to Greece. One day, hopefully not too far away....
The White Tower. A prisoner white washed the whole thing for his freedom.
Daniel loved the older Greek women.
So many very old churches. 
Where the city meets the sea.
I loved walking around.
The greeks love outdoor dining. I do too.
Some deliciousness.
The views from the White Tower.

A top the White Tower.

In the White Tower.
A tile mosaic in the Archeological Museum. It was the floor in someone's home a very long time ago.
Cherries and olives in the market.

Me in the courtyard of an old church.
My man looking fierce in pink.
The Mediterranean Sea and the White Tower.
The Arch of Galerius and Rotunda. Built by the Romans in the 4th century.

Daniel is always working.
Panorama from the top of the White Tower.
Stopping for a photo op during a sunset walk. The sun set after 9PM!
Driving around the peninsula in Chalkidiki. 
 A magical beach near Kassandria.
Enjoying a Mythos.
Daniel enjoying some mid-afternoon Ouzo.

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