Phreud: Eye Spy

 Movie night. Midnight Cowboy. A beautiful and sad film. 
 An inspiring tea bag. 12 hour power outage, living by candlelight.
 Daniel surprising me with amazing Françoise Hardy vinyl! He has since surprised me with even more! Blog post to come....but this has to be my current favorite record.
 Pepto colored nails to reflect the heat of the end of August.   Pretty lights at Swingers in Santa Monica.
 Our good friend Justin on the turn tables, dropping beats.   Driving all night through the desert.
 Late night roadside assistance at In'n'Out. 
 The sun rising on our seventh hour of driving.
 Lake Powell. It's like the Grand Canyon filled with water.
 Daniel still doing business, he drove out on the boat 
everyday to get reception and make shiz happen.
 I'm on a boat!
 Driving homewards. Love my Vintique app.
 Our room at the Encore in Las Vegas.  I loved this houndstooth wall in our room!
 Lunch and lounging in the grass with Miss Wood.
 Another movie night. Princess Bride. I love this movie! 
Maybe Rob Reiner's best work!
 Labor Day Weekend. Smokey nails.
 My little munchkins! I missed them so! Jack and TT.
 Jack lives for cuddles! He's like a little pup trapped in kitty's body.
California sunset.

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