My Magical Cape.

As in Cape Cod. 
 My apologies for not getting these up sooner. But I have been so busy with work and wedding planning and things. We had such a magical time back east. We also went to Vermont, which I will post soon. 
The Cape is always wonderful to visit. The tall grass, the sand dunes, the refreshing sea, the woods, fishing, the food OMG, such amazing, delicious seafood, stealing away to Provincetown for dinner or drinks or walking around. While we were there we really thought 'Wow, we should totally get married out here!' I have searched and searched for the right venue, which I finally found, Edgewood Farm in Truro, and it turns out they are shut down and no longer hosting any events. So I started searching the Boston area but nothing felt like the right fit. To make a long story short, I think we found the place to have our nuptials, and it is in the Los Angeles area! Fingers crossed! We will always have the Cape every summer.

 Drinks in P-Town. Overlooking the bay.  Me, Daniel's stepmom and his Dad doing Daniel's Blue Steel.
 Swoon. Daniel and his gorgeous mane. Always sending work emails. He's a hard worker, that one.
 I am an Instagram addict. Caught posting my Bloody Mary. Boats in the bay.
 Love him!

 We were storm hunters of sorts. We ran to the beach to watch the lightning roll in. 
Very much a Moonrise Kingdom moment.
 The storm. This is my favorite picture of the whole trip.
 We tried to capture the ever elusive lightning. #fail
 We stopped in Plymouth on the way back to Boston. We went and played on The Mayflower II. Crazy that they built it in Plymouth, England and sailed that ship to Plymouth, MA. NERD ALERT! I had fun pretending to be an old timey sailor.

 Until next summer Cape Cod. Much Love!

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