Six in my Space.

Six Items From My Work Space :

 1. A gorgeous white orchid that was a gift from a dear friend.
 2. My framed Purple Indian and BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass. Somehow these two have become inseparable, they are two peas in a pod. The portrait of the Indian man I tore from a page of some french magazine ages ago, I don't remember which publication exactly. The image just struck me, I needed to display it so I could see it everyday. The lighting and exposure and of course the man are all so magical. Something about his expression, I don't know what he is feeling exactly, but he is feeling it strongly, deeply. He reminds me to reach down deep everyday with his glittering purple face and stoic gaze...I recommend everyone own a copy of BE HERE NOW. Although it is a book, I strongly encourage anyone with a copy to hang it from the wall in a calendar like fashion. You never know what you might learn or be inspired by as you change the pages.
 3. Moses. He actually belongs to Daniel, but seeing as what his is mine, and whats mine is his, Moses now belongs to me too. I like to change the position of his arms from time to time. Right now Moses means business. Don't mess with Moses, or his sidekick a TikiMan lighter. He is guarding my ever growing mass of used up Moleskines and a pile of matchbooks. I like to refer to my old notebooks on occasion. Dig up some old ideas or inspiration. Forgotten scribbles that now may lead me somewhere.
 4. A photo of me and Daniel when we first started dating. It makes me smile.
 5. A little skeleton couple in a matchbook. It's leftover from our fiesta themed engagement party. I wanted to go full blown Day of the Dead style with sugar skulls but others were concerned it was a bit dark. I did manage to sneak in a couple little things, like these matchbook couples. May love last forever.
6. Moai and Egyptian Gods: Bast, Osiris, Anubis and Horus. I got these little figurines from the British Museum in April. I am obsessed with mythology, symbols and unsolved mysteries. So these guys really make my day to look at and play with all the time.

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