Nailed It.

If you have ever encountered me personally, you know my hands are rarely seen without jewels and polish, if ever. Since about eight year old my nails have been covered with polish 99% of the time. When my nails are bare and I have no jewelry on, they resemble a shrunken version of my father's hands. So I have always been very adamant about keeping them painted and loading up my fingers and wrists with all sorts of jewelry, so they look like my hands. My love for nail polish began when before I could I talk, with my mom occasionally painting my fingers and toes-I was known to request pink during this time. One day I graduated to going to the salon for manicures and pedicures. For a while my step-mom would treat me to them frequently; where I would get flowers and rhinestones on the chosen finger and on my big toes. Once I was sixteen I entered what I lovingly refer to as my goth stage. I wore mostly black clothing and my nails were always painted a shade of crimson. Somewhere in college I rediscovered colors. I was kind of excited when the nail art surge began. I watched cautiously in the distance. But one manicure at Kleur and I have been hooked ever since. I do all my own nail art now. Obsessively I might add. A new design every week. And lately I have been obsessed with neon. But with my budding obsession for saddle shoes, mod dresses and all things Moonrise Kingdom (you can peak at my obsession here and here.) is dimming it into punchy reds, pinks and yellows.

Here are a few of my recent faves:

<3, R


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