Crossing the Sea in Search of New Land.

I am just having a rough day. Putting yourself out there creatively can be quite distressing. Your heart and soul are on the line. I feel like a ship that has been out at sea isolated and alone. With the ambition of crossing the oceans and exploring and charting new territory. I feel as if I have been sailing forever. Not long ago I saw birds and realized that land is near. Slowly I approached making out the faint outline of the foreign area. The ship has since come right upon the coast, only to discover the shore is rocky with massive cliffs, no place to anchor and come ashore. So alas I have been sailing along the coast searching for a suitable opening. The journey is wearing on me. I am feeling discouraged and even lost. I have come so far, but who knows how much more there is still to go.

So much of everything hangs in the balance. Trying to cling to the hope that I have left.
It's hard to stay afloat when every bit of your being wants to sink. Mind over matter. Sometimes you can go a lot further and farther than you ever thought. Please let this be one of those times.

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