Apocalyptic Skies.

So it's fire season again. Living in California my entire life, this is nothing new to me, I've had to evacuate my house before. There's always fires burning here. But the thing is they always affect me. This morning the sky is gray, with a reddish-orange tinge. To me the sanguine color represents all the trees and forest that have lost their lives, making their one last sign for the world to not forget them forever. Their ashes sprinkled over my car, the sidewalk and everywhere. Clinging to the Earth, saying their goodbyes to us left in the world of the living. It reminds me of a time when I woke to find my pool covered in ash, the sky glowing red, I thought it was the apocalypse. Maybe it's just the death in the air, but it reminds me of how this could all be over. The horsemen waiting in the clouds, just out of sight.


  1. I hate the fires too, they suck! don't have too much ash where i am tho