We All Fall Down.

Even in L.A. the leaves are starting to scatter the ground. I think most of us are anticipating the cooler weather, even wishing it was already here. I am already obsessing over Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I don't know what I am going to be yet...a Pharaoh, maybe something a bit avant garde like my interpretation of the sea, Hunter S. Thompson would be fun(just watched Where the Buffalo Roam, which I suspect is more true then he would have ever admitted, he wrote it btw)...I just know I want to be unrecognizable as myself, dressed up and beyond, and something where I can be in character all night long...Halloween is on a Saturday this year, which means it is going to be absolutely amazing! 
I just can't wait for this heat to simmer down so I can actually put on a pair of jeans, I miss all of them! Oh all of these dead leaves are teasing me. I can taste autumn, the chill in the breeze, half naked trees, my soft warm scarves around my neck, the even step of my boots, warm tea and soup in my belly. I happily surrender summer. Thank god for the cycle of the seasons. By the time summer gets here we can't wait to run to nearest body of water, trade in your shoes for sandals, gulp down icy treats. And then we have our fill and it's time too cool down, bundle up until we have had enough. Just thank god it doesn't snow here, and I have the option of driving one hour to enjoy it.


  1. The leaves are turning here too... I must admit I am excited for layering and Fall fashion, although I am dreading cool weather :'( (Contrary? yes, I think so too...)