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So I don't get out much without my dog, until she is better. So today walking in front of my house, Nola in her shirt sniffing around, a man appears wearing plastic gloves and glasses that could not be penetrated. I think he was going through peoples' trash. He asked me, of course, why Nola was wearing a shirt, again I gave the whole story. Then he told me that Earth was in a sorry state, and without people that did these small good deeds the world would have ended. I agreed with him. I told him about a guy who stabbed his dog 7 times for no reason. His girlfriend luckily discovered the dog, took it for medical care and the dog ended up surviving and getting adopted by a nice family. The asshole that stabbed the dog got jail time for animal cruelty. I told him it was sad how many mean, idiotic people there are, they should all be cast off onto an island to destroy each other. After I said that, he came a little closer and talked in a hushed tone. He said he knew a better way, he told me that somewhere in South America, and also apparently Pennsylvania, people are getting rid of their rivals. They use huge pots filled with solvents, and put their rivals in alive until they are dissolved by the solvent. Only their bones remaining. 
Out of my own sick curiosity I decided to research whether or not it was true. He was a strange character but I believed him for some reason. I did find a man in Mexico that was arrested in January, he admitted to dissolving 300 people in acid. Crazy fucking people in this world! All of this makes me want to do so many good things, like sing at an old folks home, pick trash from the beach (which I do already), give soup to the homeless.
But I ended up making a charm bracelet out of all my broken jewelry pieces. And that adds some goodness and cheer to me!!!!!
But let's all open doors for others, not get so pissed we missed the traffic light, smile at strangers, buy that homeless man a sandwich or give him your leftovers, if you see someone struggling help them out, but don't ever get too close to a stranger with a car they might abduct you and you might end up dissolved in a vat of acid...

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  1. Great story and definitely a nice way to approach the world. I love how something as seemingly simple as a charm bracelet, can stand for that change.