Hoard of Culture.

L.A. is like a giant collage of all times and all countries lined up like aisles in the supermarket. A hodgepodge of culture to sift through. You can find anything here, a Coca-Cola dispensing robot machine to vintage 1920's Italian handmade leather boots. A city where it's Halloween all year around. You can dress however you'd like and nobody will bat an eye(I once saw Superman paying his parking meter). Days of shiny, dark, over-sized sunglasses and nights full of sirens and helicopters. A city where you have to ask people's genders and sexuality's continuum is an infinity sign. Yes the guy serving your coffee was in an episode of "Will & Grace", and yes, he is bulemic. Dogs are treated like children and the children are left with the nanny...and yes it seems even the street signs here have alter-egos...

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