Come Black.

 It's almost time for summer to come to an end. Of course, living in Southern California all my life, this doesn't mean much. But I am excited to put on my boots, scarves and jackets. It's time to start the transformation to my "other" side, even though for weeks now I have only been wearing my black sandals. Bright prints say your goodbyes. Black dominates in all areas of my cooler wardrobe.
My affection for all things black began in the sixth grade. I was fond of my striped knee highs and my colorful assortment of Converse, and then one lunch period I met black lipstick. It was love at first site. The next year I was reading Poe. In high school I had my first serious boyfriend, we ate too many Italian dinners and watched too many movies. I soon discovered the flattering qualities of black, it started to take over my wardrobe one shade at a time. Gradually color started to creep back in, I slimmed down, but my love for black never did.

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  1. I love black too! I never had black lipstick, but I had (or have) a love for Poe.

    I'm ready to say goodbye to summer clothes.