My Stranger Therapist.

I saw a hitchhiker along Santa Monica Blvd and I really wanted to pick him up. Maybe if I was a man I would have done it. Pick up a stranger, drive to anywhere...I wonder what the conversation would bring. I think I could really talk to this hitchhiker, we wouldn't have to see each other afterward, I could say anything I wanted and it wouldn't matter. He could be my stranger therapist. I could tell him about all of the people in my life in pure honesty, without worrying about hurting anyone's feelings, or if so-in-so is going to tell so-in-so what I said...Maybe I should have an actual therapist, but a hitchhiker is so much more exciting. My stories would be with him, they would travel too. Maybe he would tell someone about them, maybe they would be his secrets. If only I had the guts to actually pick him up, but the gut says No, I'm going to end up in pieces in the freezer...

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