Metamorphosis: A Look at my Life.

I started this blog in August 2009, just after my 24th birthday. I was in the middle of a deep, hard look within, trying to figure out who I was and where I belonged. I began this blog as a means of self expression. I just wanted to be sort of anonymous and put my feelings out in the world. I would post photos I had taken and a bit of dark prose reflecting what I was going through at the moment. Since then I have really grown into myself. I have learned to accept myself, the good, the bad and the ugly. The internal friction has subsided. A lot of things fell into place for me when I quit my job and decided to focus on writing. Around that time my need to post my ramblings on here dwindled. I had a focused arena for my thirst of self expression through my story telling. My blog shifted to be more about pretty things I admired, films I felt the need to share, delicious treats I had made, songs I couldn't get enough of...

Since that August of 2009 I have a had an array of misadventures, travelled to Vietnam, Singapore, London, Paris, India, Greece and other places within the US. 
I met my soul mate, Daniel. We became engaged, then married and now have a daughter, who is nearly a year old. I have gone from girl, to woman, to wife, to mother. I am so grateful to have this blog to be able to time travel through my continuing metamorphosis. Each post taking me to a different moment in time, a smell, a taste, a feeling, a soundtrack to go along. It's a real treasure to have this little place to reflect, to document, to share. 

That struggling, depressed 24 year old me had no idea what the next six years would hold. So many missteps, trials, growing pains, so much love, beauty and adventure. I am really proud of who I have become. I owe so much of that to Daniel. He came into my life and turned the whole thing upside down in the best way possible. Even to this day he is a constant reminder of what is really important in life. For the last five years we have been on this journey together. He inspires me to be my best self. He encourages me to follow my dream and continue writing. Together we are raising the most incredible little girl. Back in 2009 I couldn't have imagined the treasures that would unfold and how truly wonderful my life would be. 

I, now sit here in 2015, Wren 10.5 months old playing at my feet, and I am sure I have no idea of the amazing journey that lays ahead of me now. 

//Above Image - Circa 2011//






Oh life, you couldn't be more beautiful, mystifying and inspiring. 
It is truly an honor to be on this path. 

  1. "He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens...."-Carl Jung
    All of the answers are already built inside us.

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