The Big Move.

So much has been going on. It has taken me forever to finally get to updating this blog. If you haven't already heard, Daniel, Wren and I (the cats too) have moved to Boston. We have been here for two months now. I still remember being in the car driving to Topanga Canyon and Daniel and I made a list of Pros and Cons for both L.A. and Boston. We talked it over and basically decided right there to roll the dice and move the whole gang across the country. The idea had been marinating with us for a while and finally that day something clicked. We were ready. We are both adventurous spirits and determined to say the least. As we moved forward, I defininitely had some concerns. For one thing, I have lived my whole life in California, and I wasn't sure how I would feel in New England.

We came out for two weeks, which turned into three weeks, to find a place to live and make sure Daniel would be happy with his new job. Daniel went to work while Wren and I explored the different neighborhoods trying to find the right fit. The housing market in Boston is insanely competitive to buy or to rent. A lot of places we liked fell through, the process was a roller coaster of emotion to say the least. But somehow we ended up with landing our first choice, deciding that Jamaica Plain would be our new home.

Back in L.A. we got down to business. We shipped our car, packed all of our belongings on a truck and hopped on a plane, a baby and two cats in tow, and my mom to help. With so many wheels in motion, it was a little nerve wracking. I may have had a little breakdown the night before our flight. But everything could not have gone smoother. We have been insanely fortunate to have had everything come together on the other side of the continent without a hitch.

We are now all settled in, have our new routine, and are really getting the hang of this new life. Boston is such a gorgeous city to be a part of. It's wonderful to be surrounded by so much history and nature. There are parks, ponds, rivers and trees everywhere. So many museums to explore. We can walk to the T (the train/metro) and take it to so many lovely places across the city. We walk to Whole Foods nearly everyday. Our home is beautiful and quiet, ideal for a 10 month old. Our cats love all of the windows to perch in and nooks to hide in. We have so many loved ones nearby. I'm so excited for Wren to be close to her cousins. And so far I haven't had that homesick feeling for L.A. Although ask me again when winter comes. I don't think things could be going better for us here in Boston. Hopefully things will continue in our favor. Now I just got to work on making some new friends. 
And California, you will always have a place in my heart.

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