Baby Shower.

 I'm finally sharing some snippets of my baby shower a few weeks ago. It was such a beautiful, wonderful, fun day. My girls Karla and Diana threw me the best baby shower I have ever experienced. I may have cried a few times throughout the day. 
The decor was amazing, there were fresh flowers scattered everywhere along with adorable little birds and nests. Pink balloons covered the walls. A slide show played of Daniel and I throughout the day. The food was a Mediterranean-California hybrid with lots of fresh fruit, spanakopita, turkey sliders, pasta salad, meats, cheeses, peach sangria, agua fresca, chocolate chip cookies, bundt cake and more. It was perfect for a hot July day. It was so charming and delightful. But what really takes it to the next level is that they hired this amazing drag queen from Hamburger Mary's that dressed up as a baby! Later on there were more outfit changes and brilliant performances. It was such a great surprise and made it so much fun. I have no idea how they thought of it. Overall I just felt so loved. It was an incredibly special day full of so many wonderful people, touching moments and laughs.

Flowers & Yummy Snacks.
Peach Sangria. 
Bundt Cake. SO delicious. 
Little Bird decorations.

 Drag Queen dressed as a baby - AMAZING!
Diaper building contestants.
My Girls.  

So much love for these two - Karla & Diana. Threw the best baby shower. EVER. 
Wouldn't be having a baby shower without the Papa to be. 

Thank you again ladies for such an amazing day!
I love you all so much!

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  1. Looks beautiful! And you look so very happy :)