Happy Friday!
Summertime, summertime, how I love and hate you. As you can tell from the title of this post I've been listening to some Lana Del Rey. I usually love the summer and make an effort to have many adventures during this time of year. But being pregnant really puts a damper on my summer dreams. A day at the beach is about all the adventure I can handle these days. Being as comfortable as possible is pretty much my priority at all times. I was lucky enough to score this super soft jersey dress from the Mara Hoffman sample sale a few weeks back. This dress is really loose and drapey and I even fit into my normal size small so I will be able to rock this in future summers when I'm not pregnant. I love the black background and bright colors of this print - it screams summertime. Just wearing it makes me feel like I am on vacation. I've had these Marc Jacobs patent leather sling backs for years. I can't believe that even after years of wear and tear they still look good as new. My straw hat, sunnies and punchy lips just finish the look. It's so easy and breezy but packs some punch and fun. This look definitely brightens my mood. 
I'm 32 weeks today, only 8 more to go! Baby girl will be here before I know it. I'm getting sad about her not being in my belly anymore. It's so special feeling her moving around and sharing my vessel with her. But on the bright side I cannot wait to see what she looks like, hold her in my arms and kiss that sweet little face of hers about a million times. I also look forward to having a waist again. I have strangely been daydreaming about post-pregnancy workouts. Haha. I'm a very physical person and being weighed down like this is tiring. I love yoga and walking but I crave getting a good sweat on. I'm thinking of trying kickboxing or a hip-hop dance class. I just want to move.

// Dress - Mara Hoffman Modal Swing Dress // Sandals - (old) Marc Jacobs //
// Sunnies - Tom's Lobamba // Hat - Panama Jack // Earrings - Anthropologie //
// Bracelets - Vintage //


  1. Awww you're so beautiful!