Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter: A Playlist

I have been sick with the flu ever since arriving home from the East Coast. I have been trapped in bed dreaming of my cold weather adventures from the last couple weeks in Boston, Cape Cod and NYC. Here is a playlist I made that sonically captures the transition from Autumn to Winter.

It has such gorgeous orchestration, floaty vocals. It makes me think of running through the woods with a group or friends.

A sexy, haunting song, originally by Chris Isaac. I love the folky, soft make over Widowspeak gives it. Her voice is like a milky lullaby. They have this dark, hazy Mazzy Star vibe that I just cannot get enough of.

I love the piano melody. It has this great slow build. I loved listening to it on the subway in NYC this last week. It makes the world seem like one huge choreographed stage production. It's moody, vibey and unrelenting.

The intro gives way for this dimmed, acoustic guitar and sweet harmonies. It has this solemn quality that makes me want to go for a long walk by myself to reflect on life. They are like my cold weather Fleet Foxes. I put the link to a great acoustic version around a camp fire. 

I can see the breath in the cold air when I listen to this song. It manages to capture the sound of the cold to me.

I love Vashti. I had to put a song of hers in this playlist. Her voice personifies frosty temperatures to me. The softness of her notes float down like snowflakes.

What can I say, I find Leonard to be a kindred spirit. This is one of my favorites of his. The build and fall of this song strums the strings in my heart. My chest swells with emotion when this song dances its way to my ears.

This is just such a romantic, pretty, little diddy. It kind of reminds me of waiting out the cold of winter to get the reward of spring.

I have done previous posts on here, featuring Agnes Obel. She does something to me on the inside with those haunting piano melodies she bangs out. This song in particular, I find to be so incredibly cinematic. There's no vocals, the piano melody just dances circles around my head.

A great stripped down cover of the famous Pink Floyd song. And a fun fact Thom Yorke sang his part on a telephone from his hotel room. 

This song sounds like something out of a dream. I love the echoing vocals, mid-tempo beat and poignant lyrics. 

Led by Mat Brooke from Band of Horses, this song was released back in 2007. The break of this song totally reminds me of Bon Iver. I love the harmonies and shadowy melodies. 

This song is lulling and otherworldly. I love the bending notes. The organ and guitar do a waltz in my head. There is also a darkness to this song that I just adore. 

This song has this ghost town quality to it. It's soothing and introspective. It makes me think of the leaves dying and falling from the trees and then slowly being covered in the snow. It's just a lovely lullaby. 

I love her sweet, glittering voice. It has such an innocence to it. I love the native American flute and her father plays the mandolin. This song is like a misty, calm snow fall. 

I have honestly become completely enamored with his album Float 2013. This is the first track and also my favorite. I listened to it endlessly on the flight back to LA. This song is everything - romantic, cinematic, melancholy, magical, inspiring, haunting, just down right lovely...

Happy listening : )

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