His Girl Friday.

 *Sigh* I just love Fridays. Who doesn't? It's the most relaxed of the weekdays, holding the promise of the weekend, staying up late tonight and sleeping in tomorrow. This is a pretty perfect outfit for today except the beanie will have to come off between the hours of 12 and 2. I love when I leave my hair in a bun overnight and it actually has body and waves the next day. Although we will see how long it lasts. Anyways, I swear any given day I am wearing at least one Free People item. Today is no exception with this Free People ONE Golden Age Top. I originally got for my honeymoon in Greece back in June but it transitions seamlessly into fall.  I kinda want another one in Midnight or Washed Black. I can't help myself with dark colors.
Anyways...HAPPY FRIDAY! 


// top- free people // leggings-american apparel // boots-DV // beanie-u/o // sunnies-asos //

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