Notes of Autumn: A Playlist

A nice twist on one my favorite Hank Williams' songs. I have been listening to this song over and over. It makes me want to put on my boots and kick up some leaves.

This acoustic version is so haunting and soft like a gentle lullaby. The airy vocals and harmonious acoustic guitar are at once soothing and enchanting. 

I have become utterly consumed by this song. In the last two weeks I must have listened to this song a million times. I cannot get enough of it. It is so incredibly beautiful. I love both of their voices so much and the sweet guitar melody strums my heart strings. This has to the ultimate song for fall this year for me.

An oldie but goodie. I had just been missing Elliott lately. His music has accompanied me through many an autumn. This song will always have a place in my heart.

This song has such a great beat. It makes me want to swing my hips as I strut down the street. It delivers energy and a bit of sassy sexpot. It definitely puts something in my step.

I love the laid back vibe of this track. It's just so chill and fun just like autumn in Los Angeles. It makes me think of fall back in film school.

So there's a few oldies but goodies on this playlist. I can't help myself. This groovy jam can take me from a 0 to a 60 in about ten seconds.  It has this badass on a mission feel that makes me feel like tapping into my inner femme fatale.

I really love this stripped down version of Nirvana's popular song. Patti Smith infuses it with her sultry country twang. It's just somehow quintessentially fall. Must be the flannels and Doc Martens...fall is the time for grunge after all.

The soothing, blooming intro gets me every time. The swelling and the pulsing - keeping the tempo beating away. I just want to run down a big hill with the wind dancing through my hair. And away I go...

This is the perfect soundtrack to my skinny jeans, black sweaters and thigh high boots - wandering down the sidewalk scattered in leaves. Sipping wine or pumpkin spice lattes. This song has a warm, cozy quality that makes me yearn for fireplaces and rainy nights.

No fall playlist is complete without a First Aid Kit song. Their folksy guitar and mesmerizing harmonies personify the autumn to me. And this one is an effortless anthem.

I have a deep fascination with Jeff Buckley.  His mysterious death, gorgeous lyrics and honeyed vocals make me swoon. I love a talented, tortured soul. This song has a cold, weightiness that echoes the spirit of the season.

I really dig this jam. I mean it's named October, of course I had to put it on my fall playlist. It is such an easy listen that brightens up whatever I am doing.

This song is nearly as if Otis Redding and John Lennon made a tune together. It has that angsty ballad, classic blues, rock'n'roll thing going full speed ahead. They just slay it to the last note. They're really something extraordinarily special.

This song is very cinematic. It automatically makes looking out the window seem bleak, dramatic and moody. It makes me feel the imminence of life. Things are happening, changing, growing and dying.

This is a mystical remake of an already magical song. This song is warm and soft like the afternoon sun. The notes dancing around like falling leaves.

Happy listening! 

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