Black Velvet Part II: Shadow Dancer

I just love the light in these photos. The shadows dancing around me in the warm afternoon sun. Daniel, my husband, takes pretty much every photo of me that I post on here, and I think some of these are some of my favorites that he has done. Hence the posting of so many of them. I just love the light and shadows. The tips of my hair dipped in golden light. It brought so many shades out in my hair that I never see.
This is my second look with my vintage black velvet duster. I wanted to keep it as casual and basic as possible. So I paired it with matte leggings and a heather grey tee. I kept it interesting by mixing it up with the shoes. I can always count on Jeffrey Campbell shoes to add some spice to an outfit. These wooden platform wedges with buttery leather straps keep it unexpected and draw the eye down. Then I threw in an ostrich print bag to tie it all together. This is the perfect outfit for a Friday in late September.

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