Phreud Spies....

Life has been running beyond full speed lately. It makes me happy to have my iPhone, Phreud,  to capture all the little moments or they might just all slip by unnoticed. It's been a pretty magical madness these last couple months.
 Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote
 Valentie's Day Sunset. Alchemy Tattoo getting fresh ink.
Our Tattoos.
 Got each other the same card. Happy Valentine's Day!
Two souls trapped in a mirror, or so it seems. Awesome neon sign.
 My brother getting ready to race. Rose colored sunset.
Led Zeppelin, maybe some of the best road trip songs of all time. Driving through the desert.
White ombre nails.
Blue striped nails. Purple mountain nails
 Our 1930s bar cart, I am obsessed. Watching Wizard of Oz.
 Sunset from The Huntley in Santa Monica.
Post-acupuncture and cupping. Coffee with a side of ideas.
Leaving on a jet plane. One Eyed Jack wants to go to Boston too.
 My sweet nephew Dylan! Going through Daniel's family slides, finding endless gems.
The boots better be made for snow. Holding the little prince for the first time.

I cannot get enough of this little guy. Reading stories to Lily.
Passover set up. Our little gifties to baby Dylan.
 Us with coffee in the snow. Daniel by the house in Cape Cod.
Smithy the sea captain. Snow in Cape Cod.

 One Eyed Jack the cuddle monster. All stretched out, belly up.
Behind the camera. On the sand in Venice.
Fisherman's Friend, seriously my BFF.
  Daniel loving his Victrola. Raindrops on the window.
TT keeping watch curled up on the bed.
 Daniel and My's engageversary dinner. Love.
Recording some music in the studio.

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